19. Oktober 2016


Have a look at the gorgeous pictures I found on the pinterest today night: Eyes - Ice!

9. Oktober 2016

Between Hobby And Job

I just read a little bit in the blog of Melissa Donovan, who writes about creative writing. Her post "When Creative Writing Stops Being Fun" caught me - I'm exactly on that point, between job and hobby. The first version of my Finnish poetry collection is ready, and I have no idea if I'm going to find a publisher. It's difficult to start writing something else now.

Melissa writes about flow and inspiration, saying, they are not enough to help you become a professional author. How well I know it - nobody pays for your flow. You have to write a lot and do it well, and that's the point where the fun stops. I haven't earned much with my poems, they are not a part of capitalism. That's why I keep writing e-commercials, too. It's a job somewhere between earning money and letting out your creativity. Like every writing, while getting serious, it's ten per cent talent and ninety per cent hard work.


PS. I hope my dear readers are not getting too confused, if I change the language every now and then - it's just my nature. I stopped up-dating Jo's Poetry Corner, by having too many blogs. So, you can find me here, sometimes in English, sometimes in German. My Finnish followers please look at the blog Runometsä.

Mein Buch ist ein Buch

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