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Have a look at the gorgeous pictures I found on the pinterest today night: Eyes - Ice!

Between Hobby And Job

I just read a little bit in the blog of Melissa Donovan, who writes about creative writing. Her post "When Creative Writing Stops Being Fun" caught me - I'm exactly on that point, between job and hobby. The first version of my Finnish poetry collection is ready, and I have no idea if I'm going to find a publisher. It's difficult to start writing something else now.

Melissa writes about flow and inspiration, saying, they are not enough to help you become a professional author. How well I know it - nobody pays for your flow. You have to write a lot and do it well, and that's the point where the fun stops. I haven't earned much with my poems, they are not a part of capitalism. That's why I keep writing e-commercials, too. It's a job somewhere between earning money and letting out your creativity. Like every writing, while getting serious, it's ten per cent talent and ninety per cent hard work.


PS. I hope my dear readers are not getting too con…